The Future of Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is the newest frontier attempting to break out into the mainstream. Sure, headphones have long been commonplace, but the Bluetooth ear-piece was met with scorn, people think Google Glass is a joke, many are skeptical about the Apple iWatch, and cell phone holsters are super dorky. So is there anything out there that’s […]

Best Degrees in Technology

  There is no shortage of technology degrees. In fact, technology degrees are some of the most popular pursued today. Why? Because technology is always evolving, creating new and exciting career opportunities for skilled professionals. If you’re interested in computers and all the wonders of the digital age, you might want to keep reading. A […]

Career Opportunities in Technology

As the digital world continues to develop and improve in all major fields, so to do the possibilities of career choices for those in the technology industry. Careers focus on the physical, life, earth, applied, and engineering sciences. Some of the fields that support IT professionals include: Medicine Computers and Information Technology Finance and Banking […]

10 Tech Tips Every Technology Professional Should Know

With a few tips up your sleeve, you can increase productivity. And productivity and technology are interrelated. They are the driving force behind global competition and economic performance. Check out our list of ten tech tips to help your business remain profitable, relevant, and technologically advanced. Tip #1: Generate strong, easy-to-remember passwords. At this point, […]